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Accordion Modules

The JS Active template allows for modules to use an 'accordion' function on a per/ module basis with the simple addition of a module class suffix.

If you wish to use the function, simply add the following module classs suffix to the module:  |accordion|yes

accordion suffix

You can also assign a module to 'auto open' with the following suffix:  |accordion|autoopen

*Only one module / page can 'auto open'.

These module class suffixes can be used in conjuction with the module style and module color suffixes to provide many variations for presenting your modules.  Just 'stack' the suffixes according to your desired style, for example:  _ms1|color|base|accordion|yes

Template Installation

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Menu Setup

Setting up the menu for your Joomla site is one of the first things you'll want to do. Follow along with the documentation and you'll learn how to set up the main menu for your Joomla website.

This step by step is for setting up a default Joomla menu and not Shackmenu.

Shackslides Installation

ShackSlides is not just a slideshow module, but a way to feature your images in style.

Template Styles

Active comes with 6 color options to choose from to give your template it's own style and unique look.